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We're passionate about oils

Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH is a leading supplier and producer of oils, waxes and seed flour as well as oleoresins. Our customers can be found in the food processing industries and the food wholesale and retail industry, the wholesale pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals industry, cosmetics industry as well as animal feed industry and chemicals industry. 

Our customers are top priority

At Lamotte, the needs and the satisfaction of our customers have the highest priority.

We’ve built our business around personal relationships and value personal contact. Shaped by Hanseatic tradition, we act in a reliable and responsible manner. We rely on professional, in-house quality-assurance  and integrated quality management processes to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Dear business partners,

our world is currently being turned upside down due to the spread of the COVID-19 corona virus. It is very important to us to let you know that we are at your side, especially nowadays … with all our experience and our capacities.

We are constantly analyzing the global situation and are in contanct with all suppliers and relevant stakeholders. Many targeted measures are implemented in our company and in our supply chain. For security reasons, the majority of our colleagues is currently working fully networked from home. You can reach your contacts as usual, they look forward to hearing from you. Henry Lamotte Oils continues to work effectively: Our warehouse, laboratory and production work in several shifts, store, fill and refill, analyze, pick and load.

It is at the heart of our business to minimize risks from global and international supply chains. This is where our expertise has always been. The fundamental stability of our supply continues to be ensured. However, it is a fact that the near future will be characterized by high volatity in almost all our markets.

Please contact us, together we will find solutions. Close cooperation is the key to manage the current challenges!

Please stay healthy



Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH

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