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Becoming a supplier

Strong partners for great diversity

Filled with passion. - Under this motto we welcome partners and suppliers from all over the world who share our passion for exciting products, quality and service. Since 1925 our name has been synonymous worldwide with the best oils, high-quality fats, oilseeds, oleoresins, waxes and other vegetable raw materials. 

We focus on quality, safety, transparency and comprehensive control along the entire value chain - from the raw material to processing, storage and transport. 

To maintain our high quality standards, we rely on regular contacts, visits, inspections, audits and certifications. We are always looking for innovative producers and suppliers.

In addition to economic success, responsibility for people and the environment - sustainability - always determines our actions. We place the same ethical demands on our business partners as we do on ourselves. Respecting social principles is explicitly anchored in our corporate mission.

Together for best quality
Responsibility for product
Longstanding partnerships

Very close to market and customers 

Are you a specialist, do you know your product very well in all aspects, do you have the necessary certifications and standards?

We understand the global sales and purchasing markets, the daily challenges and risks - but above all the opportunities.

We take care of the entire supply chain from the moment we receive the goods and bring your product, whether established or innovative new, to the market.

So not only your product, but also your long-term and sustainable success is in good hands with us.

Closeness is an important part of our cooperation. We are close to the needs of our customers and equally close to our suppliers and partners. Trustworthy and reliable - hanseatic.
 Hubertus Thost, Head of Oil Markets

Seeds are our source

Also in the field of seeds we are always interested in quality-conscious suppliers from all over the world. Our far-reaching certifications secure us acceptance in various markets and industries. We are also looking for many special seeds, such as black cumin seed, amaranth seed and broccoli seed. Often in organic quality, always with high transparency and traceability. We also assure you of a quick takeover of the goods after the harvest.

Strong partnerships

For us, quality includes our responsibility for people and the environment. Our value chains offer great opportunities and challenges at the same time. Together with you – our suppliers –, we want to promote sustainability and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is why we pursue sustainability aspects in the context of on-site visits, audits, and inspections. We strive to support you in meeting your social responsibility. Our Code of Conduct is to be signed by all suppliers of Henry Lamotte Oils.

You can find the full version of our Code of Conduct here.