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We stand for quality - 
by tradition. 

The origin of our company lies in the purchase, filling and distribution of carefully selected, high-quality marine oils for pharmacies. Since 1925, the quality requirements of a pharmaceutical supplier have been a central theme throughout our company history. We look back on eventful and successful times - and at the same time are full of zest for action and curiosity about the future.

The ever active owner family together with the many highly committed employees succeed in introducing the company to the global markets and networking it. The specialist for pharmaceutical marine oils develops into a leading supplier of natural oils, fats and waxes: A perfect fit for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, pet food and chemical-technical industries - always with a traditionally high quality standard. 


The current management of Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH (from left): Albert Lamotte, Sonja Peinemann, Hermann Bosse, Arne Schwoge

From the beginnings to the present

The beginning: „Livskraft“- Cod liver oil 

Company foundation


The Bremen businessman Henry Lamotte founded the company HENRY LAMOTTE IMPORT/EXPORT in Bremen in 1925. The core products are pharmaceutical cod liver oil from cod and halibut with its high natural vitamin content and "Livskraft" skin protection ointment. 


Accordingly, the company is qualified as a pharmaceutical manufacturer as early as 1932.  

Entrepreneurship in difficult times

Post-war period and reconstruction


The phase of reconstruction after the Second World War is characterised by Hans Henry Lamotte. He takes over the company from his father in 1950 and leads it from ruins into the period of the so-called "economic miracle".


In 1959 the company moved to new premises in Hohentorshafen, Bremen. A branch office, own storage and modern filling capacities form the basis.

Boom in vegetable oils  

The 50s and 60s

The range is extended beyond maritime oils. HENRY LAMOTTE increasingly stands for competence and quality in the world of vegetable oils, fats and waxes.

The numerous suppliers from Northern Europe are now joined by Mediterranean sources in particular. Producers and growing areas have always been visited personally. Thus it is still true today that intensive travelling is part of the equipment of many employees.


Visit to olive growers 1966 in Andalusia

Wide range of products for many industries   

The 70s and 80s 

Henry Lamotte Oils sourcing worldwide

Sources of supply are expanding to the Asian continent and beyond. HENRY LAMOTTE successfully consolidates its presence in various sectors: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, pet food and chemical-technical industry. A continuously developing product range, strong growth and high customer satisfaction lead to dynamic development in all segments.

The third generation at the helm

The 90s

In 1983 Otto Lamotte and 1992 Henry Lamotte joined the company as the third generation of the family. Together with their teams, they take on responsibility - the first in the field of oil-fat waxes, the second in the food sector.

1996 the "senior" Hans Henry Lamotte hands over the company to his sons as the new shareholders. Under what is now a four-man management team, the "Oils" and "Food" divisions are further developed, so that in 1999 the company can move into a completely new, spacious facility in the Bremen freight centre (GVZ).

Hans Henry Lamotte (in the middle) with his two sons Otto Lamotte (left) and Henry Lamotte (right).

A lot of new things: rooms, oil mill and ...


The construction of the LIPOS oil mill in 2002 at the former company site marks the beginning of our own production of high-quality speciality oils.


 The permanent establishment in the GVZ. Already in 2005 the complex is extended by a third hall. 

Turn one into three

2006 – Focusing and name changes 

Entry of fourth generation and further investments


Hermann Bosse, nephew of Otto and Henry Lamotte, joins the company in 2012 as the first representative. In 2018 Albert Lamotte, son of Otto Lamotte, starts working for Henry Lamotte Oils.

Further investment will support profitable growth. These include the expansion and consolidation of our quality standards, the expansion of our laboratory and analytical facilities, an integrated IT merchandise management system, the enlargement and automation of the LIPOS oil mill, additional tank capacity and the creation of additional in-house storage capacity.


Nothing is more consistent than change 


As of July 1 of this year, the executive management of Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH is completely in the hands of Hermann Bosse and Albert Lamotte. Together with the Sonja Peinemann and Arne Schwoge as direcotrs, they form the management team of our company.

On his 70th birthday, Otto Lamotte retired as managing director. However, he will retain close ties with the company as a partner.