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Competence in Pharmaceuticals

since 1925

It all started in 1925 with cod liver oil. Since then, we have continuously developed our offering for the pharmaceuticals industry for a wide variety of possible applications. Today, we are a leading supplier for a broad range of raw materials in accordance with European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.). 

Our product range extends from pharmaceutical oils, fats, waxes and other special products to ready-to-sell products for end customers in pharmacies. We are a close partner for the pharmaceutical industry, for manufacturers of dietary supplements and for pharmaceutical wholesalers, through whom pharmacies obtain a comprehensive range of our products. 


Pharmaceuticals industry 

With us, you get a broad portfolio of pharmaceutical oils, fats, waxes and other special products. We ensure quality and transparency through strict controls and analyses in every production step. We always offer you the product you need – often even before you miss it.

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Our pharmacy range

For pharmacists, we offer ointments and pharmaceutical oils for individual recipes. As an officially licensed pharmaceutical company, we manufacture them according to the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). In addition, our product portfolio includes ready-to-sell products: natural “Amante” care oils for application to the skin and cosmetic bases for consumers’ own recipes mixed at home. Oils for consumption as medicinal products and dietary supplements, as well as tinctures and antiseptics complement this. All of them can be delivered quickly via the pharmacy wholesale trade.

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Quality assurance

Safety and reliability

We convince with quality in the product and service. Our quality management ensures that the numerous demands of our customers are met and creates reliability and transparency for our partners. 

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Our integrated quality and management system is comprehensively certified and is continuously checked by independent auditors. This also applies to various industry-specific and product-related standards. 

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Product development

We develop and support you in the implementation of your product idea. Are you looking for ingredients with special properties for your manufacturing process? Then we are the right partner for you. We create individual product solutions according to your ideas.

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