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Lithothamnium calcareum
(Coralline Algae)

Lithothamnium calcareum is also referred to as red or coralline algae. It can be found off the coast of Brittany, in the Mediterranean, in Scandinavia and in Ireland and belongs to the Corallinaceae family of red algae. After dying, the algae sinks to the sea floor where it mineralizes. This marine sediment is dried after harvesting and then ground to a fine white powder.

Other certifications on request

High trace element content
Particularly rich in calcium
Natural exfoliating particles

Characteristic properties

  • Vegan
  • Particularly rich in calcium with excellent bioavailability
  • High trace element content 

Areas of application


  • Vegetable source of high quality calcium
  • Use of ground algae directly in dietary supplements
  • Please take iodine content into due consideration.


  • With the algae’s cleansing and absorption properties, it is widely used in the health, wellness, thalasso and related industries.
  • Ingredient in algae baths and bath salts
  • Use as natural exfoliating particles in skin cleansers

Animal nutrition & care

  • Use as an animal feed in cases of deficiency symptoms

Chemistry & technology

  • Organic fertiliser in agriculture


Jan-Christoph Morisse

Head of animal nutrition & care /
chemistry & technology - Europe

Tel +49 421 5239-46437

Sven Ronge

Head of export sales

Tel +49 421 5239-46139


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