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Spirulina (Spirulina platensis) is a genus of cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, which is capable of performing photosynthesis. It is naturally found in Central America, South East Asia, Africa and Australia in flat, subtropical waters with a high salt content. The alga is primarily obtained from controlled aquaculture.

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Nutritional supplement
High content of protein
Contains vitamin B12

Characteristic properties

  • Ranges between the natural plant foods with the highest protein content
  • Contains all essential amino acids and high-quality protein
  • Contains a broad range of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B12Spirulin

Areas of application


  • Used as a nutritional supplement because of the high concentration of nutrients
  • Spirulina pigments are used as blue dyes in the food industry
  • Processed as a nutrient-rich ingredient in pasta, fruit bars, beverage powders, etc.


  • Used as a revitalizing and antioxidant component in anti-aging cosmetics and in thalassotherapy


  • Raw material for obtaining phycobiliproteins as florescent markers in the area of diagnostics

Animal nutrition & care

  • Spirulina is used as a protein source in various pet foods such as cat food and fish food
  • Used as food for aquariums because it contains pigments
  • Used as a base for horse feed



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