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Creamed Coconut

Creamed Coconut is harvested from the fruit of the coconut tree (Cocos nucifera). The origin and areas where these trees mainly grow are the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and India. The fresh coconut flesh is cracked and carefully dried. It is then ground until the pulp has a creamy and smooth consistency. The cream has an oil content of approximately 65 percent. The natural oil contained in our Creamed Coconut has the tendency to separate in the warmer climates of Europe. We therefore recommend warming it and thoroughly stirring the cream prior to use.

Other certifications on request

Contains fibres
Suitable for a low-carb diet
Full of coconut flavour 

Characteristic properties

  • Contains a wholesome proportion of coconut oil
  • Includes the fibre from the coconut flesh

Areas of application


  • Can be utilised as a sweetening ingredient for spreads, ice cream, baked goods, smoothies, curries, soups and desserts
  • Suitable for a low-carb diet


  • Creamed Coconut has a moisturising effect and can be used to pamper skin and hair.
  • Utilised in emulsions, lipsticks and hair care products

Animal nutrition & care

  • Suitable for grooming animal fur


Jan-Christoph Morisse

Head of animal nutrition & care 
- Europe

Tel +49 421 5239-46437

Sven Ronge

Vertriebsleitung Export

Tel +49 421 5239-46139


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Quality assurance

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