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Squalene naturally occurs in the unsaponifiable matter in Olive Oil and some other vegetable oils, as well as in the skin’s lipid barrier and in blood serum.  It is also available from maritime sources. Production and distribution are strictly separated. Squalene is further processed to produce Squalane. Squalane is a clear, odourless and colourless liquid, which is produced from hydrogenation of the natural substance Squalene. Squalene is sensitive to oxidation due to its double compounds, but becomes resistant to oxidation and heat when it is hydrogenated.

Other certifications on request

100 % oil soluble
oxidation stable
used as a spreading agent

Characteristic properties

  • Extremely well suited for use as a spreading agent due to its low viscosity
  • 100 % oil soluble
  • High resistance to oxidation

Areas of application


  • Squalane is used as a spreading agent in cosmetic products and produces a pleasant, silky feeling on the skin
  • Used in the hair-care industry as it is ideal for light, natural products such as conditioners
  • Promotes the dispersibility of pigments in emulsions
  • As a natural component of skin, it helps to regenerate the skin’s lipid barrier and reduces TEWL


  • Squalane is used in the pharmaceutical industry in ointment bases as a spreading agent and care product



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