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Oleoresins are valued for their high concentration of flavourings and odorants and their reliable quality – such as a high microbiological standard. 

With our many years of experience, we implement your individual recipes and refine the products according to your needs, through adjustment of the colour units or the capsaicin content, for example.

Our assortments

Our offerings for food and for animal feed are different – 
read more about what we can do specifically for your industry! 

Intensive natural flavour

Oleoresins in food 

Oleoresins provide seasoning and colour. They are used in scatterable or liquid seasoning preparations or as concentrated seasoning in a broad range of foods – from sauces, marinades and salad dressings through baked goods and confectionery to fruit preparations and ready meals.

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Natural colourants
and flavourings

Oleoresins and essential oils
in animal feed   

In livestock and pet food, oleoresins and essential oils have been enjoying increasing popularity as natural colourants and flavourings for many years. They can improve feed intake, have a positive effect on the colour of ornamental fish and birds, increase the digestibility of the feed and improve the storage properties of the feed.

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