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Natural quality for the whole family

For pharmacists, we offer ointments and pharmaceutical oils for individual recipes. As an officially licensed pharmaceutical company, we manufacture them according to the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). In addition, our product portfolio includes ready-to-sell products: natural “Amante” care oils for application to the skin and cosmetic bases for consumers’ own recipes mixed at home. Oils for consumption as medicinal products and dietary supplements, as well as tinctures and antiseptics complement this. All of them can be delivered quickly via the pharmacy wholesale trade.

As a pharmacist, you know how important safe raw materials are. They make it possible for you to produce your individual recipes in the desired quality. Naturally, these raw materials must meet the high requirements of the German and international pharmaceutical regulations and pharmacopoeia. We at Henry Lamotte Oils are certified and can work in accordance with the “good manufacturing practice” (GMP) guidelines, which include requirements for hygiene, space, equipment, documentation and monitoring, among other things.

We offer you a wide range of various containers of our key oils® and key ointments®, fully analysed and certified. Each container is accompanied by a corresponding analysis certificate for identity verification.

Our pharmacies range

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Safety and reliability

We convince with the quality of our products and services. Our quality management ensures that the numerous demands of our customers are met and creates reliability and transparency for our partners

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Passion for natural skincare

Amante care oils

The skincare oils from our Amante brand are 100 percent natural and vegan. They are free from synthetic fragrances and colourants, as well as synthetic preservatives. All Amante oils can be mixed with one another.

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For do-it-yourself cosmetics

cosmetic bases

Increasing numbers of consumers are making their own cosmetics at home. Our vegetable glycerine 85% and our cold pressed castor oil are the right bases for this private use in do-it-yourself cosmetics. Castor oil is also extremely popular on its own for caring for skin, hair and nails.

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Improved well-being thanks to natural oils

medicinal products & dietary supplements

Originating from the roots of the company – our first product in 1925 was cod liver oil for vitamin D3 balance –, oils for consumption as medicinal products and as dietary supplements are part of our range today. 

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Natural remedies for the medicine cabinet


Our traditional tinctures with natural ingredients are medical products for the medicine cabinet: Valerian and myrrh have been used for thousands of years to treat ailments or diseases.

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Alcohols for skin disinfection


Our alcohols are solutions that can be part of the basic equipment of the medicine cabinet. They are mainly used for skin and hand disinfection, diluted with water they can be used for cooling envelopes.

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Oils for individual recipes

Key oils®
in pharmacy containers

As a pharmacist, we provide you with a wide range of GMP-compliant manufactured pharmaceutical oils in various pharmacy containers. You thus receive the ideal raw materials for individual recipes.

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Ointments for individual recipes

Key ointments®
in pharmacy containers

Our key ointments® provide the ideal raw materials for individual recipes which you as a pharmacist produce for your customers. The ointments are manufactured according to GMP and comply with the current pharmacopoeia with regard to quality.

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Quality assurance

We convince with the quality of our products and services. Our quality management ensures that the numerous demands of our customers are met and creates reliability and transparency for our partners. 

Tested quality, safety and transparency

Our integrated quality and management system is comprehensively certified and is continuously checked by independent auditors. This also applies to various industry-specific and product-related standards.