Oil of the month

Extra virgin Olive Oil, organic farming

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Olea europaea L.), organic farming, is obtained from the cold pressed fruit without any after treatment except for a mechanical filtration (cold press-ing). The main cultivating areas are Spain, Italy and Greece. The quality "extra virgin" calls for healthy and ripe olives. The oil is of bright green-golden to grass-green colour with its characteristic fresh fruitlike odour and taste, which can vary from one province to the other. It can turn solid below +8°C. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – also called "extra vierge" - has for centuries been acknowledged as a fine, aromatic salad and dietetic (HDL cholesterol reducing) oil, as a substantial component (outstanding stability) for cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations (lotions and ointments) and as a carrying substance in many pharmaceuticals.

Recipe of the month

Grilled Vegetable in Oil


500 g aubergines
300 g zucchinis
3 tb salt
4 lemons
500 g paprika, red and yellow
300 g shallots
1 big garlic bulb
600 ml olive oil extra vierge
3 EL capers
3 twigs of rosemary
3 twigs of thyme
2-liter-glass with a wide opening and lid


Cut the vegetable into equal pieces. Mix the aubergines and zucchinis with 2/3 of the salt and let it settle for about 1 hour, then wash and dry. Rub off the paring of ¼ of the lemons, then press out the juice of all lemons. Dissolve the remaining salt with the paring and the juice in a glass bowl. Butter the vegetable with 4 to 5 tb of oil and put under the hot grill. Turn over after 5 minutes until it is roasted slightly and the skin is blistered. Put the vegetable into the lemon juice and let it settle for about 1 hour. Then pile up with the capers and herbage into the hot glass. Mix the remaining oil with the lemon juice and heat up to 80°C. Cover the vegetable carefully with the hot oil mixture and lock the glass. Let it settle for 4-6 weeks.
A wonderful side dish for grilled meat!

Keeping: 1 year