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Henry Lamotte Oils is your single-source supplier for a broad range of oils and a deep variety of containers. In addition to our standard oil products, we supply you with specialty blends, customized recipes and tailor-made packaging to meet your individual needs and requirements. Our product range not only caters to the food sector, but also to the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries as well as the food supplement, veterinary and pet food sectors.

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Ms. Tanja Oestmann 
Phone: +49 421 5239-46225
Fax: +49 421 5239-46382 
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Mr. Arne Schroers
Phone: +49  421 5239-46432
Fax: +49  421 523949-46432
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Mr. Arne Schwoge
Phone: +49  421 5239-46333
Fax: +49  421 5239-46375 
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