• Algae Powder DHA⁺, Feed Grade

Algae Powder DHA⁺, Feed Grade

Characteristic properties

  • Contains at least 17 % docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), an omega-3 fatty acid
  • 100 % plant origin

Areas of application

Veterinary/animal nutrition/animal care

  • Innovative feed additive for dogs, cats, horses, cattle and fish
Arne Schwoge

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The powder is made of Aurantiochytrium sp. micro algae, which are unicellular Protista and subsist on dead plant material. They are excellent producers of omega-3 fatty acids and in particular DHA. Our Algae Powder is therefore a deeply interesting vegan alternative to fish oil. Aurantiochytrium sp. is cultivated industrially. As the algae do not perform photosynthesis, they grow at a very high rate.

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