• Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil

Characteristic properties

  • Has an unsaturated fatty acid content of up to 75 % and is especially high in oleic acid (omega-9) and linoleic acid (omega-6)
  • High in skin-related palmitoleic acid
  • Contains natural vitamin E
  • Exceptionally high in unsaponifiable matter with phytosterols and squalene
  • Clouding or flocculation can occur even at room temperature. This is a normal process for this oil and does not constitute deterioration in quality

Areas of application


  • Ideal for use as a salad oil, but can also be used for stewing and pan frying
  • Exceptionally well suited for making mayonnaise
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  • Good hydrating effect and high spreading properties
  • Has a natural sun protection factor
  • Penetrates well into the corneal layer because of its high oleic acid content
  • Has a regenerative effect because it contains the skin-related fatty acid palmitoleic acid
  • Suitable for treating rough, flaky and dry skin
  • Used in cosmetic creams, oily solutions and emulsions
  • Supports the skin`s barrier function and the phytosterols contained stimulate cell production 
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Used as a lipid component in semi-solid and liquid preparations for cutaneous application

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  • Used in the soap industry
  • Well suited for lubricating soaps
  • Produces a fine, creamy foam
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Avocado Oil is obtained from the ripe fruits of the avocado tree (Persea americana Mill), which belongs to the laurel family (Lauraceae) and can grow up to 20 metres in height. 
The fruit has a fat Content ranging between 15 and 30 %. Avocados mainly grow in tropical and subtropical climates.

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