• Bees Wax

Bees Wax

Characteristic properties

  • Consists of fatty acid esters, hydrocarbons, free acids and alcohols
  • Has a melting point of between 61 and 65°C

Areas of application


  • Utilised as the glazing and release agent E 901 in the production of gelatin-based sweets
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  • Preferred in ointments, creams, lipstick and eye make-up
  • Ideal as a protective ingredient in haircare products to add body and shine
  • Implemented in emulsions to increase the melting point
  • When combined with lecithin as an emulsifier, Bees Wax adds a light consistency and forms a soft, enveloping protective film
  • Is especially well suited for use on dry, rough and irritated skin
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  • Pseudo-emulsions with Bees Wax break down on the skin and cause water to evaporate, resulting in a cooling effect. For this reason, Bees Wax is used in cold creams (Unguentum leniens)
  • Adds consistency in the production of soft gelatin capsules
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  • Raw material for the production of candles
  • Used in leather and furniture care products
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Bees Wax (Cera flava; Cera alba) is a product secreted from the wax of honey bees (Apis mellifera), which use it to construct their hives. Bees Wax has a fatty acid ester content of 35 to 70 %. Honey bees are found all over the world.

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