• Borageseed Oil

Borageseed Oil

Characteristic properties

  • Has the highest percentage of the omega-6 fatty acid gamma linoleic acid (GLA) of all plant-derived oils
  • High in essential linoleic acid as well as oleic acid 
  • High in natural vitamin E

Areas of application


  • Suitable for use as a nutritional supplement
Dennis Torbeck

Mr. Dennis Torbeck
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  • Well suited for dry and atopic skin
  • Used in anti-wrinkle creams and to improve the function of the sebaceous glands
  • Used in products for hair and nail care 
Barbe Volbert

Ms. Barbe Volbert
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  • Used in the production of soft gelatin capsules (filler)
  • Aids in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • Can be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and skin diseases such as dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema
Juri Davidoff

Mr. Juri Davidoff
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Veterinary/animal nutrition/animal care

  • Use as feed material due to its high gamma-linolenic acid content
  • To maintain healthy skin and a thick, shiny coat
Arne Schwoge

Mr. Arne Schwoge
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Borageseed Oil is obtained from the seeds of the borage plant
(Borago officinalis). Borage is an annual plant and belongs to the Boraginaceae family. The seeds contain around 30 % oil. Borage was originally native to the Mediterranean, but is now found in both cultivated and wild form in Canada, Eastern Europe, the UK, New Zealand and China.

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