• Broccoliseed Oill

Broccoliseed Oil

Characteristic properties

  • Very high in erucic acid, a monounsaturated, long-chain fatty acid
  • Contains oleic acid, linoleic acid and gadoleic acid

Areas of application


  • Used mainly in hair care products as a component to add shine and as an alternative for silicon
  • Used in face care products for mature, oily and combination skin
  • Also ideally suited for producing make-up
Barbe Volbert

Ms. Barbe Volbert
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  • Suitable as a high-quality raw material for producing lubricants
  • Used as a softening agent for plastics and as a defoaming agent for detergents
Arne Schwoge

Mr. Arne Schwoge
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Broccoliseed Oil is obtained by gently pressing the fine seeds of the broccoli plant (Brassica oleracea). Broccoli is a vegetable in the crucifer family (Brassicaceae), which originated in the eastern Mediterranean. In addition to the Mediterranean, broccoli is also grown in Germany, Austria, England and the United States.

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