• Calendula Oil

Calendula Oil

Characteristic properties

  • Contains beta-carotene and low amounts of an essential oil that promotes the formation of granulation tissue as a part of wound healing
  • Promotes circulation, helps in the healing of wounds and is anti-inflammatory

Areas of application


  • Especially well suited for inflamed and eczematic skin
  • Suitable for dry and cracked skin as well as for use in after-sun products
  • Primarily used in oily and emulsified cosmetics
  • Used in creams and salves
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Veterinary/animal nutrition/animal care

  • Used in veterinary care products for external use
Arne Schwoge

Mr. Arne Schwoge
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Calendula Oil is a blend of a base oil and calendula extract, which is obtained from marigold flowers (Calendula officinalis L.). Vitamin E is added to stabilise the oil. The marigold belongs to the Asteraceae family and originated in southern Europe. Today these flowers are mainly grown in central and southern Europe, western Asia and the United States.

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