• Coffee Oil

Coffee Oil

Characteristic properties

  • Essential Omega 6 linoleic acid (C18:2) is the predominant fatty acid in Coffee Oil 
  • High palmitic acid content (C16:0)
  • Contains approx. 0.3 % caffeine as well as phytosterols, cafestal and kahweol

Areas of application


  • Used for flavouring food
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  • Coffee Oil promotes collagen synthesis and stimulates the skin’s hygroscopic properties
  • The diterpenes cafestal and kahweol have anti-inflammatory properties
  • With the high content of essential linoleic acids (C18:2, Omega-6) Coffee Oil exhibits regenerative properties
  • Palmitic acid (C16:0) is one of the most common fatty acids in the Stratum corneum of the skin, which depletes with age. Hence, Coffee Oil is particularly suited for mature and tired skin
  • The fatty acid composition lends Coffee Oil mild consistency improving properties
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Coffee Oil is extracted from the roasted seeds of the coffee plant
(Coffea arabica) by mechanical pressing. The coffee plant is a shrub belonging to the family Rubiaceae and originates in southwest Ethiopia. Due to its high content in essential fatty acids Coffee Oil is predominantly used in the preparation of body care products.

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