• Kukuinut Oil

Kukuinut Oil

Characteristic properties

  • High concentration of poly unsaturated fatty acids 
  • Predominant fatty acids are essential linoleic acid (LA, C18:2, Omega-6) and alpha linoleic acid (ALA, C18:3, Omega-3) as well as oleic acid (C18:1, Omega-9)

Applications areas


  • Kukuinut Oil absorbs into the skin quickly and supports the natural skin structure
  • The high LA concentration in Kukuinut Oil contributes to ceramide synthesis and consequently to the regenerative processes of the skin. The water retention capacity of the skin is improved and the TEWL reduced
  • ALA has a fluidizing effect on skin cell membranes and is a harmonising moisturizer
  • Kukuinut Oil is a valuable ingredient in personal care products, such as body oils, facial oils, creams and hair care products
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  • Can support the treatment of skin barrier disorders and help reduce transepidermal water loss
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The Kukuinut tree (Aleurites moluccana (L.) Wild.) belongs to the spurge family(Euphorbiaceae) and is endemic to Hawaii, Polynesia, southern Asia, Australia and Sri Lanka. The flowers are white to pink or red, from which the fruit evolve. The hard shell encases two hart, stone-like nuts, which are pressed to produce the oil. Today, the Kukuinut tree is mainly cultivated, inter alia, in Australia and Indonesia.

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