• Marula Oil

Marula Oil

Characteristic properties

  • Very high mono unsaturated oleic acid content (C18:1, Omega-9)
  • Contains saturated palmitic (C16:0) and stearic acids (C18:0) 
  • Oxidation-stable oil 

Areas of application


  • Base oil for cosmetic preparations for skin care and massage oils
  • Oleic acid has a fluidising effect on skin cell membranes thereby enabling cosmetic ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin
  • The saturated fatty acid content provides a soothing and TEWL reducing film on the skin without greasy residues
  • Excellent for dry, chapped skin as well as in haircare products 
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The marula tree (Sclerocarya birrea) belongs to the (Anacardiaceae) family and is primary found in southern Africa. It is also often referred to as jelly plum, cat thorn and cider tree. The single-stem tree has a wide spreading crown and grows up to 15 - 20 metres. Marula Oil is won by carefully pressing the kernels of the marula fruit. The kernels contain between 50 - 60 % oil.