• Medicinal Cod Liver Oil

Medicinal Cod Liver Oil

Characteristic properties

  • High in omega-3 fatty acids (at least 15%), vitamin A and D3
  • Livers can be traced back to the fishing boat for certain qualities

Areas of application


  • Used to prevent vitamin D deficiency because it is high in vitamin D3
  • Used to treat vitamin deficiencies during pregnancy and while nursing
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Veterinary/animal nutrition/animal care

  • Beneficial ingredient in high-quality pet food
  • Because it is high in vitamin D3 and omega-3 fatty acids, it helps to ensure a good physique and strong bones
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Medicinal Cod Liver Oil is a fatty oil. 100 % of the oil is obtained from the fresh livers of cod (Gadus morhua Linne) in the codfish family (Gadidae), which is refined using molecular distillation. Cod are found in the northern Atlantic Ocean from Greenland to North Carolina and from Spitzbergen to Biskaya as well as in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and in the northern Pacific Ocean.

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