• Omega-3 Powder

Omega-3 Powder

Characteristic properties

  • High Omega-3 fatty acid content, especially EPA and DHA
  • Powder with good flow properties
  • Water dispersible at 15°  

Areas of application


  • Use as a dietary Supplement for additional metabolic Support with valuable Omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids
  • DHA and EPA have a positive effect on the cardiovascular System, e. g. maintenance of normal blood pressure as well as normal blood lipid Levels
  • DHA contributes to normal functioning of the brain
  • Particularly well suited for enriching industrial Food products with important Omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids, in which a powder ist better to handle than fish oil (e. g. baked goods, functional Foods, instand Foods)
Dennis Torbeck

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As with other powdered lipids, Omega-3 powder is a food, which is becoming increasingly interesting as a dietary supplement. The powder ist produced by adding fish oil to a carrier substance. The powder has a fat content of 40% minimum, which is obtained from fish of the anchovy family (Engraulidae) and/or the sardine family (Clupeidae). 

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