Oleoresins and essential oils


Profit from our extensive know-how in colouring and flavouring extracts and oleoresins! Whether liquid, dry, stabilised or blended – we have a diverse range of product options including creating tailor-made blends crafted in our own facilities.   
The following represents a selection of available assortment:

Oleoresins/essential oils

Capsicum Oleoresin 3,3 %, 6,6 %, 10 % 15 % 
(decoloured, water dispersible, pursuant to VLOG etc.)
Paprika Oleoresin 1.000 FE – 160.000 FE
(oil dispersible, water dispersible, stabilised, pursuant to VLOG etc.)
Paprika Extract Direct 40.000 FE
Pepper Oleoresin green 43/15
Pepper Oleoresin black 15/10, 25/22, 36/18, 40/20, 42/25
(decoloured, pursuant to VLOG etc.)
Pepper Oleoresin white 40/20
Pepper Oil, black
Piperine 95 %
Please contact our sales team for details on our full range of products. Our team looks forward to assisting you. 

Veterinary/animal nutrition/animal care

Take advantage of our know-how in colourings and flavourings for the veterinary and pet food industries. We have a numerous technical refining possibilities and can supply you with tailored solutions. For example, we can provide premixes, apply colourings and flavourings to a carrier substance and standardise oleoresins in accordance to your specifications. Furthermore, we will gladly assist you throughout your creative and product development processes.

Our product portfolio includes the following colourings and flavourings (for the most part Q+S certified):

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Anise Oil Pimpinella anisum L.
Caraway Oil Carum carvi L.
Clove Leaf Oil Syzygium aromaticum L.
Eucalyptus Oil Eucalyptus globulus labill
Fennel Oil, bitter Foeniculum vulgare
Ginger Oil Zingiber officinale Roscoe
Lavender Oil Lavandula angustifolia Mill.
Marjoram Oil Majorana Hortensis L.
Mint Oil Menta arvensis L.
Orange Oil Citrus sinensis L.
Oregano Oil Origanum vulgare L.
Peppermint Oil Mentha Piperita L.
Rosemary Oil Rosmarinus officinalis L.
Star Anise Oil Illicium verum
Thyme Oil Thymus vulgare L.

Further products available upon request.



Capsicum Oleoresin (Capsicum frutescens L. / Capsicum annuum L.)
Paprika Oleoresin (Capsicum annuum L. / Capsicum frutescens C.)
Rosemary Oleoresin (Rosmarinus officinalis L.)
Tumeric Oleoresin (Curcuma longa L.)

Further products available upon request.


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