• Pecan Nut Oil

Pecan Nut Oil

Characteristic properties

  • Especially high in the unsaturated fatty acids oleic acid and linoleic acid
  • Contains natural vitamin E

Areas of application


  • Excellent for salad dressings and refining baked goods
  • A healthy cooking oil because of its fatty acid composition
  • Used as a nutritional supplement because it is high in essential fatty acid
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  • Leaves an oily coating on the skin, which makes it ideal for use as a massage oil
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Pecan Nut Oil is obtained from the shelled kernels of the deciduous pecan tree (Carya illinoinensis). The pecan tree belongs to the walnut family and can grow between 30 and 50 metres tall. Its brain-shaped kernels, which are similar to walnuts, have a fatty oil content of approx. 70 %. The pecan tree is native to the southern United States and Mexico and is mainly grown there as well as in Australia.

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