• Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly

Characteristic properties

  • Homogenous, virtually odorless salve-like substance
  • A distinction is made between natural Petroleum Jelly, which is produced from residues accrued during petroleum distillation, slack wax and artificial Petroleum Jelly

Areas of application


  • Used as a massage fat and to protect the skin from becoming rough and cracked
  • Effectively protects the skin from the elements
  • A base for eye makeup
  • A base for producing milking grease
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  • Used as a salve base for dermatological preparations
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Petroleum Jelly is a salve-like blend of solid and liquid hydrocarbons. The color differs depending on the degree of refinement. The melting point is between 35 and 70 °C. The chemist Robert Chesebrough developed Petroleum Jelly in 1859 and patented it in 1872.

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