• Rizipearls®


Characteristic properties

  • Freely flowing, coarse-grained granules
  • The granules have a particle size of between 250 µm and 850 µm
  • The melting point is between 80 and 90°C
  • Free of toxic additives and is made from 100 % renewable resources
  • Rizipearls® are a sustainable alternative to environmentally harmful microplastic beads, which can also damage or irritate the skin

Areas of application


  • Rizipearls® are well suited for mild and gentle exfoliation products, shower and skin gels as well as shampoos
  • Because of their characteristic melting behaviour Rizipearls® become soft at body temperature, providing a velvetly soft and intense care experience
  • Rizipearls® should be incorporated in formulations at room temperature 
Barbe Volbert

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Our Rizipearls® are spherical pearls made from choice castor oil and have excellent exfoliant and skin care properties. Rizipearls® are produced using renewable resources, do not contain further additives.

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