• Rose Hip Oil

Rose Hip Oil

Characteristic properties

  • High in linoleic acid (omega-6, C18:2)
  • Contains provitamin Aand natural vitamin E
  • Has regenerative and cell-protecting properties

Areas of application


  • Used in salves and creams to regenerate the skin
  • Especially well suited for the treatment of cracked, dry and flaky skin
  • Improves the skin`s water retentiveness by stimulating regenerative processes 
  • Provitamin A can accelerate the skin regeneration process
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  • Used in dermatological preparations for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, scars, and strongly pigmented skin
  • Suitable for supportive treatment after burns and blunt injuries
  • Used in the treatment of strained oral mucosa and gums
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Rose Hip Oil is obtained from the seeds of rose hips, which grow exclusively on wild rose bushes (Rosa canina L.) as so-called ovaries. Rose hips are harvested during dry weather when the fruit begin to ripen and take on their typical red colour. The plant is native to Europe, but is cultivated in the temperate zones of America, Asia and Africa.

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