• LipoMill Presskuchen und Mehle

LipoMill Press Cakes and Flour

At its Bremen location our Lipos Oil Mill uses the unique Lipos cold press method to produce high quality virgin oils as well as press cakes and flour. The gentle production process does not require additives of any kind, but is purely mechanical with a particular focus on high protein content. Furthermore, these oils are gluten-free as defined in the Codex Alimentarius. Our seeds originate from clearly defined origins as well as in part from our own contract farmers. In addition to conventional commodities, we set great store in organically grown oil seeds. This ensures transparency and creates supply security.

Our press cakes and flour are well suited for a protein-rich and healthy diet. They can be used in baked goods and muesli blends, in yogurts and smoothies as well as in a nearly endless range of nutritious and delicious products.

  • others press cakes and flour on request
  • others press cakes on request


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