• LipoMill Sunflower Press Cake, LipoMill Sunflower Flour

LipoMill Sunflower Press Cake, LipoMill Sunflower Flour

Characteristic properties

  • Rich in protein and fibre 
  • Contains all nine essential amino acids
  • Vegan
  • Contains important B vitamins 
  • High in minerals, e. g. calcium and phosphorous
  • Good bonding ability with water and fat

Areas of application


  • A fibre- and energy-rich ingredient in baked goods, cereals, mueslis and granola bars
  • Its good water and fat binding properties make it a valuable ingredient in pasta and noodle products 
  • Used as a vegan meat alternative in sausage and patty products 
  • Consistency enhancing and emulsifying properties, e. g. in smoothies 
  • The biological value of the protein and mineral content make it very well suited as a dietary supplement
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  • Can be used in peeling and fracial masks in ground form
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  • Protein- and energy-rich straight feed
  • Relevant to ruminants and rodents as well as to adult porcines and laying hens with low energy requirements
  • Interesting for livestock with a special need for dietary fiber, e.g. sows
  • Due to the remaining fat content it offers a valuable source of the essential Omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid (C18:2)
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The sunflower seeds are gently pressed and deoiled. Our remaining LipoMill Sunflower Press Cake is rich in minerals and protein. In a further product-preserving process, the press cake can be ground to produce our LipoMIll Sunflower Flour.

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