• Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil

Characteristic properties

  • High in oleic (C 18:1) and linoleic acid (C 18:2)

Areas of application


  • A valuable oil with active agents and revitalizing, anti-aging effect
  • antioxidant properties
  • Regenerative and cell stimulating properties due to the high concentration of essential linoleic acid 
  • Particularly suited for use in regenerative skin and hair care products
  • Oleic acid has a fluidizing effect on skin cell membranes and facilitates deep penetration of the skin
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  • Used in dermatology to improve atopic eczemas and relief of dry, prurtus and scaly skin
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Veterinary/animal nutrition/animal care

  • Ingredient in veterinary medicines and veterinary care products
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Tamanu Oil is won by pressing the seeds of the evergreen Alexandrian laurel (Calophyllum inophyllum). The Alexandrian laurel is native to southeast Asia and grows in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, among other areas, as well as in Madagascar itself. It reaches 12 - 20 metres in height and is easily distinguish by its dark, rough bark and the elliptical shape of its leaves. The tree blossoms twice a year and the blossoms form yellowy drupes. The fruit tastes apple-like and contain a seed, which has to dry at least two months prior to gentle pressing to produce the oil. Tamanu Oil is traditionally used to treat wounds in the countries of origin.