• Wool Alcohols

Wool Alcohols

Characteristic properties

  • Wool Alcohols are the unsaponifiable matter in lanolin
  • They mainly consist of sterols and aliphatic alcohols
  • Wool Alcohols are light yellow to brownish yellow in colour. They take the form of a brittle mass that can be kneaded when warmed

Applications areas


  • Wool Alcohols can absorb up to 2000 % of their weight in water and are thus used as extremely potent w/o emulsifiers in body care products
  • Wool Alcohols acts as lipid-replenishing agents and emollients in cosmetic formulations  
  • Compared to Lanolin (adeps lanae/wool wax/wool grease), Wool Alcohols are less sticky and lighter on the skin
  • Because they contain cholesterol, they are able to improve the skin’s ability to bind moisture
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  • Used as w/o emulsifiers with a high capacity to bind with water in dermatological formulations
  • Used as lipid-replenishing emollients in creams and salves
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  • Use in detergents and cleaning agents
  • Part of furniture polishes
  • Use in waterproofing agent for leather and textiles
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Wool Alcohols are obtained from Lanolin (raw wool wax) through alkaline saponification and subsequent extraction of the unsaponifiable matter. Wool Alcohols are deodorised and bleached. 

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