• Yucca Foamation 50

Yucca Foamation 50

Characteristic properties

  • Yucca Foamation 50 is a dark brown liquid with a characteristic odour and bittersweet taste
  • It contains saponines, which reduce the surface tension and act as foaming agents
  • Yucca Foamation 50 is completely water soluble
  • As a natural product, Yucca Foamation 50 is biodegradable

Applications areas


  • Used as a foaming additive, e.g. in beverages, ice cream, dairy products and sweets
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  • Used as a foaming agent in shampoos, bath lotions, soaps, etc.
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Yucca Foamation 50 is a 100 % natural, concentrated extract from the yucca plant(Yucca schidigera), which grows in the western deserts of North America. Native Americans have used the yucca plant (Yucca schidigera) as a versatile natural product for centuries.

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