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Purchase Department

Traditionally the procurement of oils and fats as well as colours and flavourings has been a core part of our business.

In this regard, the selection of the suppliers and supplier-maintenance and evaluation are a vital part of this. This is carried out by means of running contacts, visits and the according audits, as well as monitoring of the required documentation.

Our long-standing strategic partnerships, all over the world, help us to obtain and evaluate market information on prices, availability, qualities, etc.Naturally however, we are also constantly searching for new alternatives and meaningful supplements to our existing product portfolios.

If you are interested in joining our circle of suppliers, please contact us.



Purchasing Oils, Head of Markets
Hubertus Thost

Phone: +49 421 5239-46210
Fax: +49 421 523949-46210

Oliver Lübkemann

Purchasing Oils
Head of Operations
Oliver Luebkemann

Phone: +49 421 5239-46347
Fax: +49 421 5239-46196