• Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Each and every day, our highly qualified and extremely motivated team of experts ensures that all of the products offered by Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH pass through our quality assurance system. This ensures that only safe, flawless goods are delivered to our customers.
With the increasing abundance of information and the growing speed at which it is disseminated, this system as well as our everyday activities are regularly scrutinised, reviewed and modified as needed. We also discuss current events on the market as well as legal changes and new scientific findings.

We offer:

  • Our own laboratory and partnerships with external laboratory service providers
  • Comprehensive HACCP concept with batch-specific processes
  • Quality assurance throughout the entire process chain, including audits and process controls/inspections of goods at the source
  • Supplier audits with IP traceability (identity preserved) for GMO-critical products
  • Systematic inspections of incoming goods including analyses by outside labs, incl. with regard residues
  • We take customer-specific inspection plans into consideration and incorporate them into our processes
  • Systematic complaint management
  • Systematic data management with the help of our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • A connection to early warning systems
  • Pharmaceutical, food chemistry and food technology expertise
  • Advice on legal issues related to medicinal products and the food industry
  • Knowledge management with the help of our comprehensive reference libraries
  • Well-informed staff thanks to structured training workshops


Dr. Thies Paulsen

Dr. Thies Paulsen
Phone: +49  421 5239-48416
Fax: +49  421 5239-48199

Annette Rieck

Annette Rieck 
Phone: +49  421 5239-48362
Fax: +49  421 5239-48363