• Veterinary and Feed Industry

Veterinary and Feed Industry

The veterinary industry as well as the pet food and traditional animal feed industry rely on high-quality feed oils as well as press cakes and meal for the diets of pets and livestock. In addition to providing an excellent source of energy, these oils also guarantee that the animals grow quickly and healthily, thus ensuring better performance.  
Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH is one of the most important producers and suppliers of these oils, press cakes and meal. Many of the virgin resources used also have natural and functional components that are important in a balanced diet. The animal grooming products segment is also growing in importance, which is why Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH carries a wide range of nourishing oils and fats for this market 

Thanks to in-house pressing at our company’s oil mill, we are able to guarantee excellent delivery capability – even for niche products. 

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